Friday, November 2, 2012

Because its Halloween!

Halloween was FREEZING cold and nasty outside.  I am thankful Inara doesn't really have memories of Halloween and so she wasn't really upset when we called it a night after 1 street.  It was fun though! The couple who host our small group opened up their home to us and it was fun to share some of the madness with the people we love most! We honestly didn't think Inara would even want to go because she didn't want to wear her coat over her costume. But she eventually decided it was worth it and bundled up. I mean I know I am partial, but I am pretty sure she was the cutest princess out there! :)

Love my girl!

She loves her Daddy!

Best buds!

Also thanks to Yo Gabba Gabba I can't think of Halloween without singing this song:

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