Friday, November 2, 2012

3rd Trimester

28 weeks: Hello 3rd Trimester! Shepherd is the size of Chinese cabbage? I seriously didn't know that existed :) He probably weights about 2.25 lbs.

Cravings: Chocolate milk. I love milk all the time for the past month I ONLY want it chocolate :) YUM! I also and newly obsessed with vanilla wafers and peanut butter. It is go to snack!

What Inara is saying: One time she told me "Mom, I don't want a baby brother. I want a baby sister." But mostly she tells completele strangers "Did you know, my mommy has a baby in her belly? I am going to have a baby brother". Its really fun and sweet :)  She is really excited to play with him and show him everything. We got out all the infant toys and she kept saying "Mom, I'm going to show him how to play with this". Then one Sunday at church she asked if they could be in the same class together once he comes. She is such a sweetie :) Also today she said this to Justin "Elmo loves his goldfish just like I love my baby in mom's belly". How cute!

Weight gain: 20 lbs.

Things to remember: I really don't want to forget the joy of little (well now BIG) baby kicks. This will be my last time experiencing the miracle of pregnancy and so even though sometimes I can't breathe because he is ALWAYS up in my ribs, I still get a little smile on my face to feel him moving around in there.  He is super crazy in my belly and it honestly makes me a little nervous for his arrival :)

High Risk: Things have really started to pick up in terms of appointments. I am happy to go to them all if it keeps my preggers longer, but it looks like it will be every 2 weeks appointments from here on out. The good news is that next week we get another sneak peek at our baby boy :) So I DO have to start kick counts which I am not super excited about. I just really hope it doesn't turn me into a nut case.

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