Friday, October 5, 2012

24 weeks

*Excuse my swollen face...I had a VERY emotional day*
24 weeks: Baby brother is the size of an ear of corn and probably gained 4oz just last week (which explains why I feel like SUPER preggo).  I really shouldn't have watched this video about c-sections. I have seen them before (and duh, I've had one), but seriously...WHY did I watch that?!

Cravings: I am not craving anything lately, I just REALLY don't want to cook
Name: Shepherd Justin Duke! In Justin's family the Dad's first name is the son's middle name. I think it is fun to follow his family tradition :) We have had a boy name picked out since even before Inara was conceived. I had mentioned to Justin about talking about other names, but he was like "no, that is our kids name". It is fine by me. After Inara was born, I always felt like I had a son name Shepherd out there somewhere...he just wasn't born or adopted yet :) And now I do!
What Inara is saying: She is getting use to the idea of having a baby brother. She knows his name and talks about him sometimes. BUT the biggest thing is even when she is pretending with some of her toys she says they have a baby brother now, which is fun.

Inara wanted to give Shepherd a bottle, so obviously it was through my belly button :)
 Weight gain: I have gained about 15lbs so far. Not too bad compared to last time when I seriously at McDonalds like 3-4x/week

Things to remember: I have really felt him move around a lot. He likes when I eat sweets (and so do I). Things are going by fast in this pregnancy. Its fun because it means I get to meet him sooner, but its sad too because the time is ending with just the 3 of us.  

High Risk: I see my OB in 3 weeks and then I'll probably start going every other week :( But the upside is I get another u/s at 28 weeks as a growth and development scan. I am excited to see him again and I think we will take Inara this time.  I know it sounds morbid but hitting the 24 week mark is kind of a big deal to me. My first thought was "Sweet, my baby might live if I delivered now". Not EXACTLY how I planned to think of things. But its the truth.  So for now everything looks good and hopefully he can cook a little longer lot longer!


  1. precious!!
    YAY, for AWESOME baby boy names!
    I can't wait for Truett to hang w/ Shep!

    1. I love that you called him Shep! :) We plan on doing that as well :)


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