Thursday, September 27, 2012

Inara's room

So to make room for Baby Brother, we kind of need to turn our whole house around. Inara will be moving to a new big girl room and he will be getting her old room. Justin and I have had this old dresser for a long time. Apparently it was his Dad's when he was a little kid. Isn't that fun? Well I will be getting Inara's old dresser and I wanted to paint our old dresser a fun color for Inara's room.  So I found this sweet tutorial guessed right...Pinterest. I figured I would give it a try and PRAY that I don't ruin this piece of furniture. 

Before picture. I forgot to take one before taking off most of the knobs, but you get the gist.

So I used 2 coats of the Zinsser Primer-Sealer. After one coat I got pretty nervous I had ruined everything, but coat number 2 made me feel much better. It dries SUPER quick, so by the time I was done painting everything I was ready for coat number 2

With 2 coats of sealer/primer

This next step was to apply the actual color that I wanted. This made me SOOOO nervous. I knew I wanted a fun color for her room, but I am a pretty boring person. So the thought of painting a dresser teal was both exciting and terrifying. But I did it and it looks wonderful! It is such a fun color in her room and once her room is all put together I know it will look even more amazing!

I think it looks great. Honestly the no sanding and primer thing worked out great for me...BUT if you have the time to do it the real way I would recomend that. It looks great and it will probably last a while, but I am sure it would last longer and the doors would slide in/out better if it were sanded down correctly. I can't wait to see her room all put together!

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