Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Collage Wall

So for over a year (no joke it has seriously been that long) I have been slowly planning a collage wall for in our dinning room. We have this ginormous empty wall and NOTHING on it for almost 6 years....oops!  So I slowly started pinning things I like to my "Collage Wall" pin board.  The problem is that frames, prints, fun stuff is expensive and there always seems to be something more important than buying something for our wall.  But once Baby Brother is here, I know I won't have time to really work on it. So I figured I would get started for real.

First I traced out the outlines of the frames and labeled them on newspaper. I got the idea from...yes...pinterest. Does anybody have original ideas these days :)  This was an amazing way to really get an idea for where you wanted things. I really don't think it would have looked as good without using this method.

Then I just hung the pics over the newspaper and holes..and voila.. Collage wall!I have a lot of space left over, but that just gives me room to add stuff. I already have some ideas like this and this.

 Here is the finished product up close. I am really happy with the way it turned out and so mad at myself for taking so long to do it!

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