Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby Duke is a....

Cravings: Still craving and eating bananas which is still weird since I don't like bananas :)
Gender: Baby boy!

Name:  We have had a baby boy name picked out for almost 5 years probably. So we are going to stick with what we originally liked. We aren't keeping it a secret, but haven't decided how to spell it yet...I'll keep ya posted :)

What Inara is saying: I was super nervous to tell her that baby was a boy since she has refused to think of that. But it actually wasn't as bad as I thought :) The night before we tried to get her excited by telling her when we got back from our appointment we would have pics of the new baby. So when I got home after the appointment she was REALLY excited to see the pictures. I showed her the pictures and told her she was going to have a baby brother. She immediately asked "What is he the size of". I told her a banana. Then she paused, looked real serious and said "Mom, are babies humans?" I told her yes babies are humans. Then she got excited for her baby brother :)

Weight gain: I have gained about 10 pounds so far. Definitely doing better than my last pregnancy

Things to remember: I am really getting to that point where I feel pregnant. I'm not miserable or anything like that, but just little things that are making a big difference. I can't "suck in" my baby belly anymore and speaking of baby...wowza! Baby boy likes to move around. It is a fun little reminder of the awesome things God is doing in my body when I feel little kicks. But since he is bigger now, sometimes I feel a hard lump on my belly! Its super fun to actually feel your baby through your belly :)

Ps, every time I say "Baby brother" I can't NOT think of Buster from Arrested Development. Please watch won't be sad

The ultrasound: I seriously was expecting something to be wrong with baby during the ultrasound. I think because I work with sick kiddos, that just seems like the norm to me? So each time I saw a fully formed spine or an intact bladder and heard the words "that looks good", I was so relieved :) One time I did think there was something wrong with the heart because the tech. took a TON of pictures and sometimes looked at the screen in a puzzled way. But everything was fine...4 little chambers each pumping the right way :)  Early in the u/s I thought I got a sneak peek and thought it was a boy, but then she showed us a picture and we both knew right away without her telling was a boy! It was crazy how obvious it was. I was nervous before hand, because I really thought and wanted it to be a girl. I was nervous that if it was a boy maybe I would be disappointed. But I absolutely 100% was not. When she said "It's a boy", I just cried...I now have a son. I have been thinking about how weird it is we are having a boy, and how different it will be...but not disappointment at all.

I love this picture. You can see his little arm over his face. That is how Inara and I both sleep :)

Ultrasound pics: The only appropriate time to post pictures of your kid's genitalia :)
High risk: Things seem to be going well so far. I got cleared to fly and see a friend in DC in a few weeks and I don't have to go back until my 24 week appointment. Then I'll see them again at 27 weeks (a few weeks before my BP was elevated with Inara) and they will decide what to do at that point.


  1. Congratulations!!! I wondered if you might be having a boy. :) You have probably been told this a million times, but boys are SO much fun!!

  2. Thanks Chrysti! :) We are excited!


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