Monday, September 10, 2012

Potty training

This part is more for future reference when potty training kiddo #2...

We tried potty training Inara in April. She could hold it for a really long time, but was not interested in all at peeing in the potty. We rewarded her with 1 M&M for being dry and then another M&M if she peed in the potty....but she didn't care about peeing in her potty because she already got a reward. We finally stopped after 2 days when she told us she ONLY wanted to pee in her diapers and NOT in her potty. So we figured we would wait a few months and try again.

Finally last week I had been scheduled with 9 days off...let potty training begin. This time we tried to amp up the bribes to make it seem more appealing. So I headed to Party City and loaded up on little cheap prizes like tattoos, jewelry, Dora, Hello Kitty, and Yo Gabba Gabba favors. This time if she stayed dry she would get 1 M&M and if she peed on her potty she would get a prize...this is how its going.

Day 1-  She peed 3 times on the potty and no real accidents. If she started to pee, she would stop and then be able to finish on the potty.  She got SOO excited and would yell "I'm doing it!"

Getting ready for Day 1

Big One had to potty train with us too! :)

Day 2- Pretty much a repeat of Day 1

Day 3- This day was hard because she had to poop. Inara has GI issues, so I was wondering how this would go. She had accidents throughout the day. She would pee a little in the potty and even sat trying to poop for over 30 minutes. But she couldn't go. I finally decided that her pooping was more important than potty training. I told her I was putting on a diaper so she could poop, but as soon as she pooped we would put back on undies. She pooped with in 10 minutes and stayed dry after that.

Putting on some bracelets she got as a reward for going

Day 4- We had previously planned to spend the day at Coney Island. We weren't sure what to do, but figured we would be outside all day so if she did have accidents it wouldn't be a huge deal. We put her in in a pull up and she held her pee for 4.5 hours! Finally she said she was going to pee. I told her to hold it and I ran to the bathroom. She held it, but then cried in the bathroom and said she couldn't pee because "its too dirty mom, i can't do it here"! In her defense it WAS nasty, I didn't pee all day because of the same reason :) so I just told her to go in her pull up and that it was ok to do that this time. Then later on, she peed on my leg at the pool :) but once we got home she stayed dry and peed in the potty again.

Day 5- Dry and didn't pee at church. 1 accident at home and 2 successful pees in her potty. This time I could tell she was actually making herself go instead of waiting until she was all the way full of pee.

Day 6-My friend told me about these cool juice drinks that are organic and low sugar. So I pumped her full of pink lemonade all day long :) She had 1 accident in the morning. It was more frustrating to me because I walked away for like 5 minutes to email some friends and that's when she peed. It just seemed like I have to be constantly watching her for her little potty dance right now. But she also peed 8x in her potty that day. And we also bought a potty seat to help with her fear of big toilets and she did good with the potty seat. I also stopped prompting her with rewards. I rewarded her if she asked (which she always did), but I didn't bring it up to motivate her. It actually felt like she was finally getting the hang of it.

Sooo excited for her sparkly Hello Kitty tattoo!

Day 7- I decided to make an adventure out of the house. It was a nice day and I was being tired of cooped up in the house all day, so we went to the zoo.  I had her try to pee in the potty before we left (no luck), put her in a pull-up for the ride there (stayed dry), and had her try to pee in our little portable potty chair (no luck). So I put on undies for the actual time at the zoo.  We stopped at 1 bathroom so I could pee and she tried but didn't go. I was REALLY proud of her for even trying because she does NOT like public bathrooms :)  We made it back to the car without any accidents, tried again in our little potty (no luck), put on a pull up (she stayed dry the whole ride home!), and when we got home she peed in the potty! I was super proud of her, she held her pee for over 4 hours!

Day 8  was pretty much the same as 7. The only difference was that when she would ask for her prize after peeing on the potty I would remind her that soon she would get ALL her prizes and then should woudn't be potty training any more, she would be all done and potty TRAINED. I tried to hype it up so it didn't seem like I was just taking away her prizes :)

Day 9- I think its safe to say I have a potty trained kiddo? She still wears diapers at nap/bedtime, but has been doing really good!  Today she got her last prize...and I tried to save the best for last. I made a BIG deal out of how she was offically a big girl and not a little kiddo anymore :) It seemed to work, but the first time she peed and I didn't have a prize for her, she was a little mad.  So I told her she could have an M &M after she peed until they were all gone. That seemed to help and the next time she didn't even ask for anything :)

2 weeks later and she is still doing good! We haven't had any accidents in almost a week and she is learning how to use public bathrooms! YAY for saving money on less diapers :)

So advice to future me when potty training kiddo likely won't happen in a few days. Yes, there are a few people whose kids are potty trained in 3 days, but planning on that is setting yourself up and ultimately your kiddo for disappointment.

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