Friday, August 31, 2012


So lately it just seems Inara is bored. All she wants to do is watch shows (which I am ok with in moderation), but when she gets bored she kind of gets in a nasty mood.  I know we both benefit from a more structured day and I try to do that sometimes, but other times it is impossible when I am sleeping from working the night before and she is with my Dad. Don't get me wrong, my Dad is WONDERFUL. He doesn't let her run wild, give her candy, and skip naps all the time...but he also is not a parent. I want him to enjoy being Pawpaw so its pretty relaxed over there...which is great.

How we pass the time when she is bored :)

I had been seeing all kind of wonderful pre-school aged activites to be done at home on Pinterest. But honestly there are so many things to do/learn/enjoy that sometimes it is hard to pick some or even just make a list. I get overhwelmed kind of easy :)

So I found a few websites that have pre planned lessons. At first I was a little freaked out..I mean I am the one who said I would NEVER home school Inara. But the more I thought about it, the more it was like 'who cares what it is called. I am her mamma and I want to teach her/hang with her/love her in lots of different ways'. First I found this website with SUPER easy, awesome, scheduled, and FUN stuff already planned and all you have to do its print..and yes please!  It seemed really fun and we actually already have most of the books that she uses. 

While I was excited for the ease of those lesson plans, I also wanted to share Christ with her too, not only educational things.  I found this website.  I really REALLY liked what she had to say about doing schooling at home (confession: even writing that sentance makes me nervous, because using words like 'curriculum' or 'lesson plan' or 'school' kind of freaks me out...anyway I digress).  You can also download stuff for free from this website, but it was REALLY hard to do to in order to get everything, so I forked out the $10 to buy the whole alphabet pack. $10 is really cheap, plus it helps support them and they put a LOT of work into their stuff. Her website couples letters, numbers, shapes along with Bible virtues and verses. 

So my plan is to combine both of these to get the best of both of the work. I tried to talk to Inara about it this week but she is in the phase where EVERY thing I say she wants to argue about. So I told her we were going to start school next week and do school at home...her response "I don't want to do school inside. I want to do school outside. Which is hilarious if you know my child because she hates being outside.  So anyway...if I can get all my stuff together in the next few days we will start learning about some letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and scripture :) we shall see how this goes !

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