Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Little baby kicks!

Last night while laying in bed after a very LONG and tiring day (3 hours of sleep the night before) as I was just about to doze off I felt a little flick in my belly.  At first I thought it might be gas (sorry for the TMI), but then it happened a few more times and I was sure it was not gas but indeed our precious tiny baby kicking me! But before I told anyone I did a little experiment.  I kind of pressed around on my belly to see if I could get a response...and I did :) I was so happy! I texted Justin to tell him.  It was a good way to end my day.

But with new joy comes new fears "Will this be the first and last time I feel my baby kick?".  I guess I still am worried about a miscarriage or that something could go wrong.  I didn't even realize I was until my worry started to steal my joy.  So it looks like I STILL need to work on trusting this baby into God's hands.  I know there is no better place for him/her to be, but it is hard sometimes ya know? I guess just good practice for when the baby is here and I will still need to trust God with his/her life :)

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