Friday, August 10, 2012

Baby avacado

I am now 16 weeks!  Its pretty crazy I am so far along...and based on when Inara was born I am half way there! :) Although I hope to keep this little one inside a wee bit longer.  And even though I have been in my 2nd trimester (yipee) for a few weeks, just this week I am starting to feel like a normal human again.

Cravings: No particular cravings but I finally feel normal and have an appetite again!

Gender: I keep thinking/saying girl because that is all Inara talks about. We will find out soon. Can't wait!

What Inara is saying:  Inara has recently started calling the baby "my baby". She will ask "Mom, is your baby...MY baby in your belly?"

Weight gain: It was kind of crazy because until about 2 weeks ago, I had this preggo belly but no weight gain...I mean how is that even possible?  But as of late I have gained about 4 pounds.  Which is WAY better than my last pregnancy with Inara. I am pretty sure I at McDonald everyday with her...maybe that's why I gained 35 pounds in 30 weeks?

Things to remember:  I really have been trying to savor every moment with Inara.  I mean I am excited for our newest addition, but also won't be begging for him/her to come out soon.  For nearly the past 3 years its just been the 2 of us at home while Justin is working...she is my buddy :)  So I am hugging her more (much to her disliking), covering her with kisses (which is is now asking for them!), and trying to just enjoy this time with my first baby.  And now that I am a parent I can understand how she will ALWAYS be my baby.

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