Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oh kiddo!

Inara is seriously hilarious. I find my self cracking up laughing at her multiple times a day. Here are some of her latest phrases/conversations. Oh and on a plus side, my baby girl can now undress her self completely independently (including shoes) and can dress her self with minimal help too!

"Mom, pee comes out my butt"
"Hide-and-go-peek" = Hide-and-go-seek
When trying to get Inara to take a nap one day, we hear her yelling from her crib "Daddy! I'm not a sleepyhead Dad!"
While driving in the car a night she asked "Why is the moon following us?"
Her favorite phrase when you ask her to do something is  "I would LOVE to!" Ex: Inara do you want a waffle for breakfast? Answer " I would LOVE a waffle for breakfast.

Proof she is indeed a "sleepyhead" :)

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