Thursday, August 2, 2012


So I think last night Inara remembered her first dream.  As soon as she woke up, she was asking a lot of questions about lobsters.

Inara: Mom why were the colorful lobsters were climbing on my pink blanket? I would close my eyes and they would pinch my legs. And then I would tell them 'get away lobsters' and they got away. Then I just listened to them making sounds
Me: What kind of sounds do they make?
Inara: All kinds of sounds! Why do lobsters pinch everybody
Me: Well the pinch to protect them selves
Inara: Why do they crawl?
Me: Because they don't walk.
Inara: What do lobsters eat?
Me: I think they eat dead fish in the ocean.
Inara: And they think it tastes good. They go 'mmmm, that is yummy!'

It was pretty hilarious...and so are these picture of her sleeping :)

It is also to be noted that we put her to bed with ONE blanket and EVERY morning she wakes up with 4 of them in her bed with her :) I love my crazy girl !

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