Thursday, August 2, 2012

Niagara Falls

A few weeks ago Justin and I went on a little getaway. It was part anniversary celebration part baby-moon. It was WONDERFUL. I missed Inara while we were there, but it was nice to have uninterrupted conversations and peaceful dinners out.  We spent 2 days in Toronto and 2 days in Canada's Niagara Falls. I almost ruined the trip when I forgot my purse (I mean who does that?), but luckily Justin is the brains of this duo and had BOTH of our passports. I mean I can't believe in a few months I will be responsible for not 1 but TWO little lives, but I can't get it together enough to remember my purse when leaving the country! DOH! Anywho, we went to a professional soccer game. LFC VS TFC.  Justin had fun watching the game...I mean..look how happy his face is :)

And well I had fun...hanging out with him. Soccer is just not my game :)

We walked along the beach

Almost went into the big tower, but we are cheapskates and it was EXPENSIVE!

We went to another beach and dreamed of living far-far away from NKY. Then went looked at housing prices and our dreams were crushed.

 Cheesy pic of Justin getting attacked by a T-rex

The beautiful falls!

Dude, my hair was totally wild the whole time because it was super windy.

We took about a million other pics, but I will spare you pics from every angle. Just know this, you MUST visit here and don't even bother staying on the US side.

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