Saturday, August 25, 2012

18 weeks and counting

 Cravings: No particular cravings, but pre-pregnancy I didn't like banana's and almost everyday this week I have had one.

Gender: I still keep thinking/saying girl because that is all Inara talks about. But I do need to imagine a boy in there just in case :) We will find out in about 2 weeks.

What Inara is saying:  Still ONLY referring to new baby as "baby sister".

Weight gain: I have gained about 7 lbs, which seems impossible to me because my belly is getting pretty big and noticeable. Even my belly button is getting shallower.

Things to remember: Last week I felt the baby move a little in bed and lately its been having stronger movements in there. I can't wait until Justin can feel it.  And baby DEFINITELY likes when I eat candy. The 2 times I have had a candy bar this week the baby has been going CRAZY in there, its super fun and I will likely use candy as a bribe to feel this little one move around :)

This week I also had my first scare. After working Friday, spend most of Saturday on my feet, and then working again Sunday and Monday I started having some abdominal pain while I was at work. At first I thought it was a bladder spasm since I hadn't gone to the bathroom in awhile, but after I went to the bathroom I continued to have pain until the end of my shift.  I tried not to freak out in my car as I called my OB.  But in God's providence I had to leave a message and Justin didn't answer his phone. I just wanted to talk to someone...anyone to reassure me. So I did. I talked to God. I prayed begged that I would feel like an idiot because it was just bladder spasms or some other random pregnancy symptom. Finally my OB called back and reassured me. After he asked me some questions he said "You give a perfect explanation for round ligament pain". PHEW! I was so relieve that it was normal as my body starts to grow. It was just weird because I NEVER had anything like that when I was pregnant with Inara. But also when I was pregnant with her I also didn't work 12 hour shifts.

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