Saturday, July 14, 2012

12 Weeks!

Here are some updates from Baby D at 12 weeks. Enjoy!

Baby Duke is now the size of a Lime. I had all these great ideas of getting the fruit that matched baby's size to show Inara...but alas...I am human and tired...and still sicko sometimes

Cravings: I am REALLY feeling cherry limeades. I had some form of that drink nearly every day this week!

Gender: Inara has been really excited for us having a girl...and so am I. We will find out in about a month, but I know I will be happy either way

What Inara is saying: Well she has asked me what "her baby's name is". She refuses to think the baby COULD be a boy. And has said she will feed HER a bottle. She also said I can hold the baby and Justin can "hold me like a big sister", whatever that looks like :) Did I mention she wants a sister. Here are some of our most recent conversations.

Me: So Inara, do you think it would be fun if we had another baby in the house?
Inara: Yes! She could sleep in my room...and then I could sleep with you and Daddy in your bed.
Me: Well, if we do have another baby, it will sleep in a new room and you will stay in your room. So would you like a baby brother or baby sister?
Inara: A baby sister!
Me: So not a baby brother?
Inara: Nope, I just want a baby sister.

Recently we were watching a show where they were playing with a little baby. I asked her if she is going to play with our new baby. This is how it went:

Inara: I am going to tickle her!
Me: Well, ya know, we might have a baby brother and not a baby sister.
Inara: No mom. I want a baby sister.
Me: Well Inara. We don't get to choose that. God chooses
Inara: I choose Mom. A baby sister
Me: We will be happy with whatever God decides our little family needs
Inara: A baby sister

Soooo apparently she wants a baby sister :) Which is fun and sweet....but I am not sure how it will go over if baby #2 is a boy... Also this is what it looks like when you are a "high risk pregnancy"

Yup...that is a I am not an old lady. On Tuesday when I was told I need to take NINE pills a day. I'll admit it...I pouted. I HATE taking medication. Swallowing pills makes me sick because I am kind of a small child. I mean, I take gummie vitamins ya know?! But Justin is great and reminded me that other people around the world aren't as privelaged to take these medicines. Also 9 pills a day is a small price to pay for a healthy kiddo. He was right. I would take 90 pills a day if it would help baby D get here safer :) I got a good one ladies!

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