Monday, June 18, 2012

My sweet funny girl

I love that Inara is taking in full sentances. She really is super funny, inquisitive, and sweet. Here are some of our recent conversations

When having a late night drink of milk she looks up at me from her cribs and says:
"Milk comes from all sorts of things: cows...utters...spouts...straws"

Inara to Marley while holding her Bible:
 "This the bible. We have to read it. Ill show you how. Like this. You open it up and turn the pages"

The other day she came into the living room dressed like this:

She said "I look like my Dada"

While looking out the her window in the car at a construction site, she sighs real loudly and says in a really sad and pathetic voice:
"I just love dump trucks...I wish I could ride one"

Sometimes when she like something or something cool happens she asks "Is that awesome?"

And she really is just a little sweetie.  Since I've been feeling sick, she is constantly asking me "Momma, do you feel sick?" One days she climbed up on the couch with me and said "I snuggle with you Momma, then you'll feel better". She definitely knew what would work! :)

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