Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Potty training

We have been talking a lot lately about potty training with Inara. This weekend we plan on hunkering down at home and have ZERO plans for like 5 days in a row so we can really *hopefully* get her potty trained.  We talk about staying clean and dry, why we use the potty, rewards for using the potty. You name it...we have talked about it.  In a book we read it talked about how if you use a doll/stuffed animal to with your potty training that can help.  So today I told her that when we start potty training this weekend Big One is going to be potty trained too, they can do it together. She was SOOO excited. She dragged her potty in the hallway and plopped Big One on in the potty.

She then declared  that she NEEDED a pink potty (since obviously her Elmo potty was now Big One's potty).  Now, I normally do not cave to what Inara says she NEEDS....however if it will help get her out of diapers then I am game. So about an hour later this is where I found my self:

 Buying a pink potty. She was really sad the box was too big for her to hold, but upon arriving at home she put Big One back on the potty and "Big One is pooping" :) Seems like she is getting it! Friday Justin is taking her to buy big girl undies and then Saturday the fun begins!

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