Thursday, February 2, 2012

Zoo day!

So today we went to the zoo and we had a some pretty interesting experiences:

1. Saw a polar bear eating a rain boot (DUH! Why did I not get a picture of this?), also it had a tire in the exhibit?

2. Saw 4 people in one of the cat house rooms... not zoo keepers, workers, but pedestrians with the cats

3. Played with Bonobos and one of them gave Inara and me a high 5.

4. Inara got to pet a itty bitty baby did I and it was so soft and fuzzy

5. Had fun "pacing" with Joseph the Cougar

She kept saying "I'm pacing with the cougar!"
She was trying to give it a hug

She LOVED being able to get real close to them!

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