Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love is kind

Today's love quality is that love is kind.  Inara was really excited about reading our bible and making our craft. When I asked her if she would rather go outside or make a craft she said "I want to craft and hang ornament" :)

Verse: 145:8- The lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love

Craft: we made heart garland found here and I let her pick out the colors. This kiddo loves Christmas and chose red, green, and brown.  I didn't take any pictures. Ours definitely didn't look as nice as others I've seen, but they worked and it is hanging proudly over our door :)

Apply:  Throughout the day I tried to point out ways that Inara was being kind, and really stress that doing kind things are love. I want her to see the correlation between how she acts and how God views her actions. And since we did the same verse 2 days in a row. She has part of it memorized! Early in the day she was playing with Marley and I reminded her to be patient with Marley, and she turned and said "Ok, love is patient". It was awesome. Its funny on the day that we were talking about love being kind was the day, I felt most unkind to Inara. I am thankful to be reminding my self daily of how great God's love is for us :)

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