Saturday, February 4, 2012

What does pregnant mean?

So Inara has an inquisitiveness mind already. Tonight we were at a friends birthday party where there a ton of pregnant ladies there.  I had mentioned something about that and Inara asked "What does pregnant mean?". So we tried to explain that before she was born she lived in my belly and then she was born into the world.  She asked a lot of questions about babies, living in my belly, and also asked "what's a grown up mean?". She mentioned she was "born in pajamas". It was like a 15 minute conversations with her about it. Finally the last part of our conversation went like this:

 Inara: "what does the Bible say?"
Me: "what does the bible say about what? Being pregnant?"
Inara: "yeah"
Justin: "Well the bible says that while you were living in mommy's belly that God knew everything about you and loved you"
Inara: "ok, I want a french fry"

It was seriously just so hilarious that she brought up all this stuff about babies and being pregnant, then just ended it abruptly with wanting fries :)  As we are going to bed, I was holding her and she said "I go back in mommy's belly again"....I don't think she gets it yet :)

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