Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hi little fella

 While driving with Inara the other day at night, I heard this from the back seat:
"Hi moon, Hi little fella"

She has also referred to the moon as "my moon". I am frequently correcting her on that one :)

We were going to the zoo the other day and I asked her what she wanted to see. This is how it went:
Inara: I see da bats
(I was surprised because in the past she has stated that she was scared of the bats)
Me: Are you sure you want to see the bats?
Inara: ummm, no. Da bats are scared of me. But I gonna talk to da snake'
Me: Oh you are? What you gonna say to the snake?
Inara: I gonna say hiss. Den I gonna say hi snake, hi little fella

(Maybe we watch to much Finding Nemo?)

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