Sunday, February 5, 2012

Love does not envy, Love does not boast

We got a day behind because I worked all day on Friday and she stayed the night with my parents. So today we did 2 attributes of love

Love does not envy

Verse- 1 Timothy 6:6- but Godliness with contentment is great gain.

Activity- Our church was doing a "baby bottle campaign" where you just put in money over a few weeks then turn it in and they donate the money to The New Hope Center. Today we turned in our bottle at church

Apply- We have been talking to Inara over the past couple weeks about how some mommy's don't have money to buy their babies clothes, toys, and food.  We have been putting our money in the bottle, as well as Inara put some of her money from her bank in there as well. We talked about how we have PLENTY and how we all need to be content with what we have. When we are content with what we have, we are then excited to give more away.  This little conversation happened a lot over the past couple weeks. Then this morning before church we were talking about it again and she seemed to actually GET IT! I was asking why we were giving money away and she said because some babies don't have car seats.  It may not sound super impressive, but we never mentioned car seats, so she came up with that on her own. She was starting to understand others' needs :)

*I took a picture of her this morning with the bottle, but apparently forgot to save it :(

Love does not boast

Verse- 1 Peter 5:5b- God opposes the proud, but shows favor the the humble

Apply- We talked about how Jesus is SOOO big and SOOOO powerful, yet he didn't yell at his friends because he was better than them. He took care of them and even served them!

Craft/Activity-  I printed off a coloring sheet of Jesus washing his disciples feet. We talked more about how Jesus did not boast but was humble and served others. Then how she could serve/be kind to others.  This week we got a little kids chain letter in the mail. Basically you forward it to other kids and then get stickers in the mail.  So as we were filling out her friends name, I asked her what nice thing would she like to say to her friend.  She needed a little bit of help and sometimes just repeated what I suggested. But I am ok with that. It got her thinking about other kids and not about herself.

Coloring her picture

I am really excited about the cool things I get to teach Inara, remind myself, and see her grow/learn in love.  I am realizing how I need to continue doing this type of thing all year round and not just around a holiday.  It is really crazy how much she remembers too. So far she remembers all the atrributes of love we have talked about AND even some of the ones we haven't. Today at lunch she was applying the attributes of love to herself and saying that "love is sharing. Love is waiting my turn." YES! It was really great to show her how that IS love. Love is a choice, a doing, an action.  I can't wait until she can really understand the most wonderful love action that has ever been done...the cross!

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