Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love is not rude, love is not self-seeking

Love is not rude

Apply- We used those verse to show that even though God was REALLY big and could have yelled at everyone while he was dying on the cross, He didn't. He was silent and obeyed his Father, even though it was hard.  We talked about how sometimes God asks mommy and daddy to do hard things, and even though we don't understand we try to obey with a happy heart and not complain with a frown.  Inara has a hard time not whining which we see as complaining. We talked about how when we ask her to do something she needs to say "Yes, Mom (or Dad)" and obey with a happy heart and not to complain or whine.  

Activity- We just drew a smiley face (obeying with a happy heart) and then an frowny face (complaining or arguing) over and over. We would get really animated for both ways and had her practice too. It was fun

Nothing fancy!

Love is not self-seeking

Apply- We talked about how Timothy served others and to serve others means to think of them first.  We gave examples of how her friend Marley love her by thinking of her first by giving her a dropped toy instead of keeping it for herself.

Activity- We made Valentine's Day cards for her to give to some of her favorite people.  This actually was a really good exercise in love. We used stickers to decorate the cards and she kept wanting them for herself. We explained multiple times how we want to serve/love/think of others first and how they would really like to get a nice card. She didn't throw a fit or anything, but she wasn't happy about it at first. But by the end she was really happy to decorate them with the stickers

Holding her cards

Then Justin showed me true, real, biblical love last night in so many ways. It was really wonderful to experience Godly love in a real way and not just once a year with flowers/candy (although those are nice too!)

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