Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love is not easily angered

Love is not easily angered

Verse- Psalm 145:8

Apply- I acted out this verse with motions and different sounds. Then we talked about ways she can be patient and not easily angered, and how wonderful it is that God is slow to anger and how the cross is an example of him being rich in love

Activity-  Glued little puff balls to popsicle sticks on construction paper.

Once again nothing fancy. Also, I don't know why I can't get this picture to rotate :(
When we were reviewing the whole 1 Corinthians verse (which we do every time) I was seriously amazed at how much Inara remembered....the whole thing! It was awesome, so I took a video of it. I put this on here, not to brag about her, but as a reminder to my self (an encouragement to others) of how much of a sponge kids are. She CAN memorize scripture...and easily. I just need to work with her on it. How wonderful it will be for God's living and active word to be hidden in her heart!

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