Sunday, January 8, 2012

My kid is fun

Inara has been really fun lately, and she seriously is learning so much.  I feel like she is finally being able to understand things we have been teaching her for months.  Just in the past week she has shown more self-control, patience, and kindness. Its so wonderful to pray with her and then show her how God has answered our prayers :) That's not to say its all be rainbows and kittens around here. Yesterday morning God gave us a glimpse into her heart. She was SOO dramatic, tearful, and manipulative.  I prayed that she would learn not be ruled by her emotions, but by truth.  And today we saw some fruit of how God is growing her in that way. Here are some of Inara's latest funny things.  She honestly is so funny. I never could have though I could love her as much as I do!

Inara: I got a boogie.
Me: Where?
Inara: In my mouth

"I hear my poop"- Inara after she "passed gas

Old macdonald = McDonalds

Here she is actually KEEPING a bow in her hair!

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