Thursday, January 5, 2012

31 Days to Clean: Day 2

So, I am already a day behind...surprise surprise! :) I'm very thankful that I am seeing this as a good opportunity for my heart and home to get cleaned up but not as a new law I must follow. So even though I missed yesterday, no big deal. I was excited to jump right back in today.

Day 2 is titled "Created to Give Life". It talks about how women are created to be life givers and then gives a few areas in which to do that, of course one being the home.

Mary Challenge: Start looking at your domain as something to make come alive!  What ca you do today to bring life to your home, your children, your husband, and your sphere of influence?

Well today I am home all day with Inara and her BFF (For real folks, its the cutest thing to see them love each other). Usually I just let them play with each other and sort of be a referee so Inara doesn't take all her toys and push her down all day. I'm not saying that is bad, and its not like I ignore them, but am I giving them my best? Probably not. So today, we are all going to have fun together. Maybe build a fort under the dinning room table and read books, stop by the library, or snuggle together in my bed and watch a movie (Inara thinks being in our bed is the greatest thing in the world, its so funny).  I know I can give life to our marriage by being disciplined to provide "couch time" when Justin gets home from work.  About 5-10 minutes just sitting on the couch catching up and allowing Justin to breathe before switching gears from work to Dad.  I am usually just so excited when he gets home I have all these plans. But I do need to MAKE couch time part of our day.

Martha Challenge: Kitchen- clean out and scrub down the refrigerator and freezer

Ugg...I honestly don't know when the last time I did this evidence by how dirty it was. I had things in containers that were unidentifiable :( And I am saying this to hopefully make others feel better but...I cleaned out a glass container that was from a party we threw in...*cough cough* july *cough cough*. I know I know...nasty! But that is why I am excited for this book. To clean out the nasty corners of my fridge and my heart.

Before the cleaning:

ew....what is that in the bottom crisper...*sigh

I am hoping this book changes my perspective on my home. I know I won't get out of bed eager to scrub my toilet, but hopefully I'll do it "as though working for the Lord".  Ok, I know hope I am not the only one out there who needs some help/motivation when it comes to cleaning. What is your least favorite household task?  Is there one you actually ENJOY doing?


  1. Great job-the fridge looks beautiful! :)

    On the days you miss, don't sweat it! Keep going, day by day with what you can do with your limitations. The goal? To love well our families and the people who come into our homes.

    Blessings to you today!

  2. I HATE folding and putting away laundry but I don't mind organizing and sweeping. My new years "goal" is to make my house lessy messy and more of a refuge.

  3. Thanks Sarah, I know it will take me longer than 31 days, as I'm just now on day 3. But like you said the isn't to have a pristine house in 31 days. I feel like I am already learning so much in just 2 days.

    Jordan, I HATE laundry too....the whole process is awful to me. I don't cleaning the kitchen, but I like to have some fun music to listen to while I clean. I think we have the same goals too :)


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