Sunday, January 8, 2012

31 Days to Clean: Day 3

So I am probably not going to be able to do this ebook 31 days consecutively, but I do plan on keeping up with it, and TRYING to do it daily. But honestly, sometimes I just don't have the time. I am ok with that, my goal in doing this book is not to have a pristine/museum house, but a peaceful home.

So today was an extension of Day 2.  She gives 10 specific ways to bring life into your home. And the Mary Challenge goes right along with that:  Ask your family what makes them feel the most loved when it comes to you caring for your home - ask them to be specific so that you can begin (or continue) to give life to your domain.

Since Justin is the only person in my home who can actually answer me, I asked him. He said there are 2 ways I can love him when it comes to our home: 1. Allow for weekend naps and 2: Plan meals/food in home. I asked him how I do on those fronts and he said I was doing well.  I am trying to try be more creative with dinner so we aren't eating spaghetti every night.

Martha Challenge: Kitchen- dust tops of refrigerator, cabinets, and shelves. Clean and shine the outsides of drawers and cabinets.

I didn't mind doing this Martha challenge, although I am sure I haven't cleaned the top of the fridge since we moved in. But now its clean and nice and organized. Wiping off cabinets wasn't bad.  I also was able to reorganize and clean off one of our shelves. I wish I had taken a before picture because it was all cluttered with cookbooks, recipes, candles, and I even found a light switch cover on the shelf.  But here is the finished product:

Um...yes I take gummy vitamins, don't judge

I saw this idea on pinterest a while ago and even bought a frame when some were on sale in December.  So I finally got it out, wrote "I love you because" on some journal paper, slapped it in my little frame, and VOILA! I'd like to put something in front of all our vitamins, but for now that shelf looks SO much better.

Day 3-done, and ready for tomorrow!

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