Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This week has been filled with lots of first things for Inara.  Monday we went on a family date to see a movie in the theater. This was her first time, so we weren't sure how she would do. She did really well. Sat on our laps most of the time, at TONS of popcorn, and asked for more chipmunks when the movie was over.  Also at one point when all of the chipmunks were on stage, she turns looks at them and says "Oh...hi guys!".

Tuesday she went to her first dentist appointment. She did great, only cried a little bit, and at the end she got her nails painted. She picked out the colors all by her self- pink with gold sparkles. And here's the deal, I of course think my kid is super cute and smart, but its always fun when others think so too. The assistant couldn't believe how much she talks and they asked if they could get a picture of her to put on the facebook page because she is so cute.

Later that day she had her first haircut with her BFF Marley. And at this point I am not just saying Marley is her BFF, she REALLY is. If you ask Inara who her best friend is, she will answer: Marley.  She did really good, but it was good to have Marley there to help calm her down. Inara is a bit of a drama queen, and Marley is very calm an collected.

Ready for my haircut..or mug shot :)
Long hair
Besties! :)

Katie and I joke a lot about them being best friends, but I think its just because we want them to have the type of awesome friendship we do. I pray that their friendship grows deeper as they grow older.  I hope that Marley is there on Inara's wedding day when she is still full of drama and freaking out. I pray Inara can be there and take care of Marley when life gets hard and Marley gets mad. I pray they both experience the joy of walking through life with their "person".

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