Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We spent Halloween in Florida with Justin's parents. It was so fun! We had been telling Inara about Halloween and how you have to say "trick or treat" to everyone, but I could see she didn't really get it. Then I tried to explain step by step what would happen:

-Walk up to a car
-Hold out bucket
-Say "trick or treat"
-They hand you a "sweet treat".

After she heard she would get a sweet treat I could see the light go off in her head as she opened her mouth real big, smiled, and then started cheering....she got it!

Their church had a "trunk or treat" on Halloween. I had never been to anything like that before, so I really didn't know what to expect...but we all had a great time and Inara really  LOVED it.

Inara and Mimi

She LOVED her bucket!

Let's go!

There were a lot of games to play..

More importantly...candy! She was smart girl and ONLY picked suckers...

The only way to get her to look at the camera was to dangle candy in front of it!

After ONE piece she threw up everywhere and we had to take off her skirt and tights...please ignore some of the puke on her shirt!

PapPap and Mimi

She BEGGED this lady for a little "punkin" and was SOO excited when she finally got one :)

Daddy love
 She was having SOOO much fun running around and dancing to the music. I am pretty sure we were the last ones there when they turned off the music. In between songs she kept saying "do it again", and as soon as a song came on she would scream "I hear music!". It was awesome. She also for some reason thought it was great to run and plow me over...and boy did she ever! Here are some pics of her running me down, she thought it was so funny and kept saying "mommy lay down".

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