Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'll do it too

So I'm going to try (key word "try") to write everyday about something I'm thankful for. They won't be in order of importance, just a snap shot of what I am thankful for THAT day. Since I'm already a day behind, i'll do 2 today.

1. I am thankful for the warm sun. I know sounds kind of funny, but I'm in sunny Florida and its amazing. More on this later, but it is good for my soul to be here :)

2. A really great mother-in-law. We basically spent the whole day together and it was great. We shopped (and got Inara the cutest sparkly Toms), ate, and got pampered. I am so thankful she is not at all like the horrible MIL on "Everybody loves Raymond". We have fun. We joke. We enjoy each other. And last sunday, we were so honored to watch her  get rocked! Inara loves her "Mimi" and so do I!

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