Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A love story...Part 8

Ok folks, I think this might be the last installment of our story...for now :) I am excited to continue to grow closer to Justin as we both grow closer to the Lord. As that happens I'm sure our story will change but this is where we are now.

Once we started going and really committing ourselves to the body at Grace we grew SO much.  We hosted a small group at our home, and it was awesome. We tried to find ways to get involved in missions and God led us to join a missionary support team (Barnabas Team) for a couple in Japan.

Waking up in Japan on a trip with our church

God has shown us so much grace and mercy through our small group and Barnabas team over the past 4 years. And yes our church IS apart of our love story. Because without being the recipient of sound doctrine and discipleship our marriage would be very different.

When Inara was born VERY early and suddenly, it was a friend from our Barnabas team who hunted us down in the hospital to pray for us and bring Justin some food and change for a snack (when even my parents didn't know where we were), it was our small group who offered rides and food, it was couples from our barnabas team and small group sending checks in the mail to cover medical bills. They have prayed with us and rejoiced with us too.

We are very excited for what God is doing in our life right now and our marriage. As I have mentioned in other posts, I am reading The Excellent Wife through a bible study at our church and it is rocking my world! (yes I just said that because it is true).  We are so thankful for all the ways God is using Grace Fellowship Church to change us to be more like Him and have a marriage that brings us joy and more importantly glorifies Him.

Excited for the next chapter in our story.

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