Thursday, October 13, 2011

A love story...Part 7

After we got married we had the most wonderful honeymoon in Disney! It seriously was the best vacation ever. I think we took a nap every single day...amazing!

Our first year of marriage we were doing Young Life together at a school we moved super close to. We started going to Grace Fellowship Church and really wanted to get in a small group. We tried, but with me working part-time nights, going to school full-time, Justin working full-time, and doing Young Life we didn't really have time to add anything else to our lives. Every one says the first year of marriage is hard, but it wasn't for us. We really enjoyed spending time together and it just seemed easy to be married.

After about a year of being married we talked about buying a house. We didn't really want to pay more than our current rent and we had a LOT of requests for wanting a low mortgage. But God provided a house that was perfect for what we wanted (to use for Young Life).  Funny story. 2 weeks after we closed on our house (and hadn't even moved in yet), we decided to stop doing Young Life. So for some reason (we still don't know why) we own a house in Independence :)

And yes...that IS a pop up tent BOLTED to our patio. What you can't see is the cable they had run outside to watch TV under that tent...classy right?

We stopped doing Young Life for really a lot of little different reasons. While being married was pretty easy for us, we did feel more like roommates and less like husband and wife. And while there are people who can work real jobs, be married, and do Young Life (and do them all well), it was apparent to us that we could not. We also had become more interested in missions and heard about how GFC had a missions program.  And for about a year we had been discussing about really being a part of a church and working as different parts of the body work together.

So we decided to stop just being consumers at a church, and really be a part of the church. We spent the summer of 2007 with really just the 2 of us. It was great! The more we spent with each other, the more we realized...yeah we really like being married. We went on a lot of dates, little road trips, and just spent lots of time with each other. It was really refreshing!

So what are we doing now? Find out next!

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