Friday, September 2, 2011

Just do it!

Ok, so for my "Favorite Things Party" I talked about earlier, I tried out another pinterest idea. I know right?! 2 pinterest completions in one day :) I made this most yummy delicious dip! Chocolate Chip Dip - cue mouth watering

                                                                                        Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

So here is what it looked like once I combined the WHOLE stick of butter and cream cheese:

And since I am so health conscious (yeah right) I substituted neufchatel cheese instead. Actually after seeing that I actually ate something that the main ingredients were butter and cream cheese I feel I should submit this to "this is why you're fat

After I added the rest of the ingredients which included *cough *cough* powdered sugar, vanilla, and brown sugar this is what I got:

I was kind of nervous because it didn't seem to blending very well. After a few more minutes of really mixing it well and adding the chocolate chips, it was finished:

Um and it was sooo good! At first I was kind of bummed though because it didn't make that big of a batch, but it is super sweet and one batch really is plenty for a party. And while the pics look like there are barely any chips, I disagree. It called for a WHOLE bag of chocolate chips. I did about a half and that seemed plenty.  I plan on making it again soon! So what about you bloggers? What pinterest ideas have you completed, are working on, or want to do?

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