Thursday, September 1, 2011

Favorite things party!

Friday I threw a "Favorite Things Party" with my friend Katie. She opened up her home to some women from our church and it was super great! I got the idea from Pinterest. (Here is my link, if you care) Ever heard of it? If so how much do you love, love, LOVE it! It was super helpful when we were renovating our bathroom.

Click below for the explanation of a "Favorite Things Party"

It was smaller than planned, but that made it super DUPER (yes I just said that) fun and intimate :)

Here are pics of people and what their favorite things are:

This is Jessica and her favorite thing is V-8 Splash (Berry Blend). This has been one of her favorite things for a long time. I remember going to her house when I was in nursing school/working night shift to nap and her having it then!

This is Katie (who graciously opened up her home for us). Her favorite thing is Chai Tea. Apparently it tastes like "fall in a cup". So I am waiting until it cools down a bit to try it out.

Kerry brought her favorite 2 things! Reese's cups and her favorite lip shine. Its not sticky, smells good, and she loves it!

Jessie handmade her favorite thing and everyone else loved it too. She likes to make handmade cards from scraps of fabric. She somehow found time to make these cards with 2 kids and newborn! All her cards were totally cute I am saving it for a really special occassion :)

Katie just recently found her favorite thing...Chobani Greek Yogurt. Her favorite flavor was Mango, but apparently its everyone's favorite flavor too because they were out when she bought them. So she brought us Pineapple and Strawberry-Banana. She loves it because its low-fat but high in protein so it makes a great snack!

Shelly's favorite thing was gummy bears! I love them too and glad to have some at home. I like to take smuggle them into the movies when we go!

I brought my all time favorite chap-stick. It's the blistex complete moisture. SOOO good! A friend from nursing school got me hooked. I seriously have one in every coat pocket in the winter...its the best!

So that was our super fun party. We plan to do another one in the winter when its cold and there is nothing to do. So what are some of your favorite things?

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  1. Love the party theme! I also love that all of your all's favorite things were food items or lip balm! I see a them here! Birds of feather flock together huh! I really wanna do a party like this!


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