Friday, August 19, 2011

A love story...Part 1

So a few posts ago I mentioned how a roommate kept trying to get me and Justin together. And after stumbling onto another blog where Angie documents her and her hubs story, I thought it might be fun to have our story written down and since I know you all have been dying to know how we got together :) So your wish is my command. Without further adieu...our story

When I graduated high school and decided to lead YoungLife a friend of mine and I both went to a leader weekend at Rockbridge (aka closest thing to heaven on earth :). We decided we weren't going to talk to ANY boys because we didn't want to be distracted from what we were doing. So we are waiting to go inside for a meeting and 2 guys walk up and start talking to me and Trella (who by the way is married now, but I am completely unable to call her by her first name). So anyway we start talking to them about baseball because at the time I was a DIE HARD reds fan. I mean, there may have been some light stalking involved. We continue to talk to them because they seemed harmless enough little did I know that one of those boys would be my man! :)

That summer I also moved into a house 4 bedroom house with 6 other girls...that's right. It was one of the most glorious time of my life. One of my roommates Jessica was ALWAYS asking me when I was going to go on a date with "Duke". Ughh NEVER. Why wouldn't she just leave me alone?! I didn't not like him. I mean he was super fun to hang out with, but not date. We had hung out a few times during the summer with other people, but I just never really wanted to hang out alone with him. 

Ok somehow, we NEVER got a house pic done. This was from my baby shower, but I really hate posts without pics :)

Meanwhile another friend of mine, Kate was crushing on some boy (later to be her hubs). We had both been praying for God to guide us with these guys. She wanted to guard her heart from and I wanted to hangout with Duke. I knew I probably shouldn't hang out with him so I wouldn't lead him on. So I prayed God would either change his heart to make him not like me, or change my heart to make me like him! Obviously you know the result..but wow this has turned to be a long post so looks like I'll do multiple posts about this. More to come soon!

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