Thursday, June 23, 2011

NKOTBSB...round 1

Ok so this week I went to the NKOTBSB concert in Nashville. Oh.em.Gee. Wonderful! Now I am not a die hard NKOTB or BSB fan, but it was super fun. I felt like a little kid. They played old ones, new ones, fast songs, ballads. It was simply amazing. I wrote "round 1" in the title because I am pretty sure I am going to try to hit up the Louisville concert in about a month. I really had a great time, and would LOVE to do it again.  Not in a "on my gosh, I am a obsessed and cry" kind of way more of a "wow, that was super fun" kind of way.

Jordin Sparks opened up for them. It was really
fun, she was super cute and fully clothed!

We had such a great time and even got a little VIP treatment. I went with my friend who is 9 months pregnant. (I know right?!) So our seats were at the very top section and our row was nearly the last row. As we are walking up an usher stops us. She told us how we could get upgraded tickets. I followed her instructions and VIOLA! We were moved up at least 35 row and were only about 25 rows away from the stage! I was such a blast!  Hope I can make it to Louisville!

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