Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Keep going!

Sweet Inara, you are so big lately. I keep thinking "this can't possibly be my little baby". And the truth is I am right! You are not a little baby anymore. You are so big. I know every mom probably thinks there kid is great...but you REALLY are. You are so smart too, which can sometimes get you in trouble. 

One quality of yours that I love and hope continues but also matures is that you do not do things because others simply want you too. Today you climbed on my lap to snuggle while watching Baby Einstein (or as you say "sheep, baby, cow". You laid your head down, so I put my arms around you. But you weren't feeling it. You said "no' and took my hand off your leg. While I was sad because I love you so much and sometimes can't help it, I was so impressed too! You aren't a people pleaser :) There are lots of times too when others want you play with them or give you a hug or a kiss, but you say "no". Don't get me are SUPER friendly, say "hi" to everyone, and love to give Pawpaw and Dada kisses...BUT you like to do it when YOU like to do it.

I pray this quality of yours will grow! I hope you aim to only please the LORD and in turn will not be a perfectionist, people pleaser, or get pushed into doing things you don't want to do.  I also pray this quality will mature too :) While I LOVE that you don't do things you don't want to, I don't love when you disobey mom and dad because you don't want to clean up your toys or go inside. Just like everything about you, I pray God grows you to be a woman who loves, pursues, and does the things God would want of you :)

My sweet, sweet Inara. There are no words to describe how my love for you increases with each day. Each hug is sweeter, each smile brighter, and even when you disobey I love you more. I pray one day you can experience the love of our Savior in a brand new way through being a parent.

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