Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We have ants EVERYWHERE. Its insanity outside of our house. There are little ones, medium ones, huge ones, red ones, black ones...you name it...I bet we have that breed of ant! They are really driving me nuts too. They are all over our front patio which is where Inara and I like to spend out time outside. So I just hate having them crawl all over. Plus some of them have started to get inside too :(

Last year I had this problem and I knew we didn't use any chemicals to get rid of them, since we are always out there. So I googled "natural ant repellent" and voila...TONS of entries. Some places want you to make your own kind of repellent with Borax, bleach, and other chemicals, but I was looking for a milder fix. I totally found it here. There are A LOT of things you can do and most of them you have in your home. I used the black pepper and Cinnamon. I didn't use cinnamon sticks because a) sticks are expensive b) I had a HUGE jar of ground cinnamon. So I sprinkled the pepper and cinnamon along the border of our patio, our house, and the doors. It worked like magic! YAY for cheap, easy, safe way to get rid of those ants!

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