Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Yesterday I got a bill in the mail for over $3,000 for Inara's toe surgery. My first instinct was to be pissed and complain about how awful it is that we owe so much, when we pay so much for insurance....I mean what's the point..right?  Well I looked at the bill and really didn't understand how we owed so much, so I called our insurance company to see if I could straighten things out a little.  Well no straightening was had, we DO owe 3K to Cincinnati Childrens's Hospital.

I wanted to tell Justin the "great" news, but I didn't want to stress him out at work about something he couldn't do anything about, or tell him when he got home as a "welcoming" gift :)  So I started thinking about it, and the more I thought, the more God showed me His wonderful blessings. So yes, it IS a bummer we owe a lot of money. But it is also really great that the insurance company paid over $11,000 for her surgery.  AND, she was under the care of a  great doctor. But SO much more than that, is God reminded me my biggest debt has been paid. My BIGGEST problem has been taken care of at the cross. Jesus died for my sins, and has given me His righteousness.  JOY! What great news. So in light of what God reminded me paying a few thousand dollars is nothing to complain about :) He has given me peace and a joy that no worldly debt can take from me.  What ways are you delighting in His cross today?

Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness and continually bringing me back to Your cross.


  1. Glad for your great attitude! Make sure you apply for Children's Financial Aide - we qualified for a large % off our ER bill. It all helps:-)

  2. Really? How did you apply? On the back of the bill it says you have to be at poverty level to qualify. Did you just fill out the paperwork anyway? Or call them and ask?

  3. I called - I remember the back of our bill had the #. I was VERY pleasantly surprised at how much they took off. It takes awhile to process and when the bill came due we were able to get an extension because we were applying for aide. I would call the # - they were very helpful with me:-)

  4. I also call every time I get a bill and just ask them if they'd take a lesser amount if I pay up front. I pick a truly arbitrary amount - like 25% off - and just ask. No lie, I actually once asked for 25% off and the girl actually said, "well I can't do that, but I can give you 35% off." !!

    I should say, though, that the only place that I can't EVER get to deal with me is Children's. However, Peter LaRuffa, knowing that, has called me just to gloat because he once got a discount on a Children's bill just by asking. I think it's luck of the customer service draw.

    It can't hurt to ask!

  5. Whenever I get bills like that I try and look on the bright side that a bill that large should probably hit your out of pocket max which means basically FREE health care for the rest of the year (other than copays-- but still!) We meet our out of pocket max every year and it seems to happen earlier and earlier each year. We will have met ours by the end of this month which means my delivery will essentially be "free".


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