Sunday, April 10, 2011


This weekend has been full of things to be thankful for!

Justin started the weekend by going to the Joshua's men retreat. I am so thankful that our church values discipleship and growth! I spent Friday night just relaxing, watching Grey's Anatomy (don't judge), and having the whole evening to my self. It was nice, but I did miss Justin because he is my BFF.

Saturday I had to work a little in the morning so Inara went to our friends house to spend the morning. Apparently they had fun. So much fun, that I heard Inara repeat "bye bye" and "norah" the whole ride home. I think she wanted to go back and play with her new friend :) Then when I came home I opened up a package that I thought was a Nook light. But to my surprise (and to ruin my birthday present) I found Vera Bradley that Justin bought for me. I was bummed I ruined his surprise, but super excited for my new bag!

Sunday I worked in the morning/afternoon. I am so thankful for my job. Sure I have to work some weekends, but I like what I do. I only have to work every 5th weekend, and God provided me with a great way to provide for our family, while doing what I love, and taking care of really special patients.

After work we went to my parents house to hang out with them and my brother for a little.  It was really fun and Inara had a great time. We went in the back yard and all took turns pulling Inara around in her little wagon. She seriously stayed in there for like 15 minutes. It just didn't get old for her. It was so nice to just have a relaxing day just hanging with family. She is just so sweet and fun! She has started to talk more, which is really fun...and helpful. Now if I could only get her to sign/say "please" and "thank you"...

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