Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Ok, so I have been inspired by my recent (and easy) craftiness of making my own babylegs. I have this flowering bush in my backyard. While I was trimming it the other night, I just thought the flowers were so pretty! So I figure when I prune it...why not use it! So this is what I came up with:

This tree in my back yard...

Plus $4 vase at Hobby Lobby...

Plus $1.50 gems (I know it says 2.99, but it was on sale)...

Equals this super fun DIY centerpiece

I am really excited because it a seasonal little color I can bring in a really brighten up the place! So I also have this big wall in my dinning room that I have had NOTHING on the wall since we bought our house....oh 4 years ago :( 

 *Disclaimer: please disregard all the clutter*

I keep saying I will get something up there...but I haven't. I also have TONS of pics I would love to display some where...IDEA! Why don't I use that wall and create a sort of framed collage on my wall....something a little like this:

I don't think I'll put them as close together and I plan on buying the same color frame. But I am pretty excited about my little project. Thankfully Hobby Lobby always has their frames 50% off, and if they aren't on sale I can use the coupon that is in the paper every week! Super excited (and really nervous) to see how it turns out. I'll keep you updated. 

So what about you readers? Are you creating anything this spring?


  1. Those flowers are SO pretty! There were these yellow bushes outside of work that I really wanted to cut & take home. I didn't though because I was pretty sure everyone would think I was crazy!
    I love big photo collages like that! You can always buy cheap frames at like Goodwill & places like that & spray paint them all the same color! That way you can get the cheapest frames possible, but make them all match!

  2. Lauren your flower arrangement is very pretty. Love it. And yes being crafty is contagious. I like cory's suggestion of buying cheap frames and painting them all to match. post pictures when you finish your photo wall.

  3. I am planning on doing a photo collage wall in our living room too! I will FB message you a few blogs I found that have some great inspiration pics/ideas for doing photo collages as well as some tips! Definitely take a before and after pic :-)


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