Sunday, April 24, 2011

Oh Happy (birth) Day!

So its no surprise that today is Easter, but it is also my birthday. As you get older, birthdays become less and less exciting. Basically after I turned 18, I guess they just didn't seem like a big deal anymore.

This morning at church as we were singing of God's goodness, grace, and mercy that was displayed on the cross I was so struck by what a happy day this is indeed!  My birthday could be all about me, or depressing as I get "older"...but its not. It is about HIM.  This is a day to celebrate the wonderful things HE has done! He is risen, He is alive, He is changing me to be more and more like Him, and my VERY BIGGEST PROBLEM EVER has been dealt with. Jesus is alive! I feel like my birthday has such a new meaning now. Its another year with my Lord and Savior, another year He has taken care of me, another year HE has done it all. Oh praise Him!

Here are the song with lyrics to one of my favorite Easter songs. I hope it will be an everyday song, and remind me daily what Christ did and is doing through the Cross!

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