Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Growing up

Sweet Baby Girl, I say baby but more and more you are growing up so fast and aren't a baby. It makes me sad sometimes, but mostly I am so excited for the little person you are becoming. You are still so sweet and light up a room. You are so friendly to others. But now you are learning how to assert your will. You have figured out that crying gets you more attention than whining and are learning how to throw temper tantrums.  You have a few outbursts a day, and we are working with you to learn to behave kindly and not to yell and us when you get mad. Sometimes though, I must admit...its pretty funny...sometimes :) It seems out of no where you just throw yourself on the ground and become a "limp noodle". And there have been times I don't even know why you are so mad. That being said I still LOVE being your mom. I try to tell you after you are disciplined that we love you and that is WHY we discipline you. I hope you will grow up and understand that principle and biblical truth.

Today I had your last developmental assessment at Good Samaritan Hospital and you passed with flying colors! You actually scored high for your age in speech. I didn't think you had any difficulty because you are ALWAYS talking and repeating all the things we say. I pray that this quality goes hand in hand with the rest of your personality. That as you grow you will continue to be kind and friendly towards others as you share with them what the LORD has done in your life.

I love you so much and can't imagine my world without you in it!

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