Thursday, April 28, 2011

Genius kiddo

Dude. Inara is blowing my mind with how much/fast she is learning stuff. It is crazy! We have been signing with her for a while and we recently checked out a Book on First Signs. We have just been reading it for a few days and she knows about half of the signs in the book (milk, done, more, help, eat, please). So we are working on some others (thank you, drink, book, sleep). Well tonight I look down and she is going through the book and signing the right sign on the right page...ALL BY HERSELF! Its crazy and so much fun!

Also today she found a small cross in the party zone. She brought it into the living room and was carrying it around. I told her about 5x that she was holding a cross and Jesus died on the cross for her. Then she picked it up again. I asked her what she was holding and she said in the sweetest toddler voice "cross" and then unprompted said "Jesus"...cue heart melting into nothing! Seriously, I am so excited to continue to share with her and watch her learn and love the Lord :)

Also I just thought these jeans were the cutest on her

And this week we started her feeding herself with a spoon
She did really good!

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  1. Great post Lauren! These are the moments that touch you the most. How exciting that she is learning so much. And yes those jeans do look extremely cute on her.


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