Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Oh my heart is just melting into nothing right now! I just had one of the sweetest little moments with Inara. I was telling her about what Easter is REALLY about and then we went into her room to play for a little while. She went over to our glider (which attention moms to be: you MUST have one) and signed help. I thought it was a little strange for her to want to be in the chair because we normally just use it to rock her before bed or when she wakes up at night. So I sat down and she climbed up on my lap. We explored all our body parts: fingers, toes, nose, tongue, teeth, ears, and hair. I sang a song to her, and then she started bouncing back and forth and signed "more". So I started rocking and singing more songs. That is exactly what she wanted! As soon as I started she laid her head down on my chest and we just rocked and sang for about 15 minutes and then she fell asleep in my arms! (She seriously hasn't done this in over a year). It was so sweet and a beautiful time with her.  There was no toy making noise, no TV on....just my songs.  I sang "Jesus, Messiah", "Mighty to Save", and "Jesus Love Me".

Those are like the only songs I have memorized and can sing every word. Those 3 songs were the songs I would sing over, and over, and over, AND OVER again when she was in the NICU. She would sit on my chest all tiny and in a ball as I would sing of God's goodness to us. So this afternoon was extra precious because it was the same songs, same mom, same babe...but OH what a different place. I am so thankful we made it out of the NICU. I often forget she was even premature, but times like this are a beautiful reminder of how far God has taken our little family.

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  1. So sweet --way to make a pregnant lady get all misty eyed :-)

  2. Oh what an amazing experience God has given you, all of it. from the hospital to now. thanks for sharing your heart with us. love it.


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