Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hair cut

So I think its time for Inara's first little hair cut. What do you think? So how exactly do I go about taking scissors to my wild child? I'm afraid I might take off an ear or something!


  1. I keep thinking the same thing about James! He hardly has any hair, but it falls way over his ears! I have no idea how you go about cutting it :)

  2. haha Nicholas had the ear hair too-- we realized his needed a trim when we got him out of the bath and it was hanging down his neck in the back-- not gunna lie I was too chicken to cut it myself so I had Donnie's aunt cut it (shes a stylist), I am having Amy Sandfoss do his next haircut since I am STILL too chicken. I might ask her to show me some tricks so I can do it later.

  3. Thats when u bring her into me. Almost all my clients bring their kiddies to me plus I do my own kiddies ;) Gina McIntyre


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