Sunday, March 27, 2011


Inara is having a good time recovering, thanks to all the new toys she has received! At the hospital my parents bought her a balllon  (she loves them), a little giraffe blankie, and a colorful dog. (They may like her just a little). She loved the dog right away and the first day spent the morning kissing it and barking. It was so cute.  The hospital actually gave her some bubbles while she was there. She thought they were great. She likes to pop them, but then gets sad when they disappear.

She also received this little doll and bottle from my 2 little cousins. It was so sweet of them to buy it for her. They even picked the purple doll because she picked a purple cast. It was super sweet and she LOVED it. She immediately put the bottle in the baby's mouth and looked around at us and smiled. You could just tell she was so proud.

She would give the baby the bottle...

 Then give her the bottle...

Then, my BFF bought over this super awesome toy for her. It was so sweet of her and its perfect since we have to keep her from walking until Friday.

She really likes the toy...and the box!

Last night was a funny night. She woke up at 1:30am. I was just going to let her CIO for a little but  then I realized her ibuprofen had probably worn off. So I got her some medicine and gave her some milk. I held her for a little while then she started falling asleep so I put her in her crib. She seemed to fall back asleep, but the I heard her crying again. I thought I would just get her and we would sleep on the couch together. Funny thing is we NEVER sleep together so this didn't quite work out. I couldn't fall asleep because she was breathing so loudly. And then she realized she wasn't laying in her crib sat up and started saying "hi" and "mom". So I told her we were going "night night" and put her in her crib. I didn't hear from her until this morning. It was funny, but not so funny being up from 1:30-2:30.

But so far she seems to be doing well. The hardest part is keeping her from walking. We are suppose to keep her from walking for 1 week. At first she would try to crawl, but couldn't figure it out. Then she would just collapse and then cry. It was pretty pathetic. But now I think she has the hang of it. She tries to stand up only a few times an hour. We just reminder her "no standing/walking" and then put her back down. It will be nice next friday, when she can have her legs back again.

Speaking of legs, my hubs thinks its hilarious I asked people for "baby Legs". Some kind women at our church are going to let us borrow them since we can't fit pants over her cast. So every time I say "hey _____ will drop off her baby legs to you tomorrow at church". Ok, I guess it is kind of funny :)

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