Saturday, March 26, 2011

1st surgery

Well Inara's surgery was yesterday. It was a lot better than I expected.  The surgery was schedule for 12:30pm but we had to be there at 11:30. I was really nervous because when she woke up in the morning we were only allowed to give her clear liquids and only until 8:30. I thought it was going to be torture keeping her NPO, but it wasn't that bad. She is such a playful girl, she just played the whole time. We had her surgery at the Cincinnati Childrens Liberty Campus. It was so wonderful! They were so nice and as SOON as we walked in the door they checked us in and took us back to her room.

Then it was the paperwork game where like 5 different people asked her name (and how to pronounce it ), DOB, and if she had any allergies. Then they let us pick out her cast color. They brought in a little board with all the cast colors. I was originally going to pick pink, but we asked her which one she wanted and she picked purple! Which is fun because it will match her Easter dress, which she also picked out.  It was crazy how fast it went. That was until the doctor was running late :( He was about 45 minutes behind. No big deal...except our kiddo was STARVING and tired. This is what happens when you are trapped in a small room with minimal toys:

Now all you health care workers don't judge me because I let my kid play barefoot on the floor. Here is the deal.

1. This was a last resort
2. She was having surgery where I am SURE they scrubbed down her surgical foot well

Before the surgery started we went into another little room where they would put her to sleep. Then after she was asleep they would start and IV and then the surgery. She laid in my lap, while Justin and I held her down they put a little mask over her face and after about 10 seconds she was out. We put her on the stretcher, gave her a kiss and went to the waiting room. We had originally thought the surgery would take 3 hours, but they said it should only take about 90 minutes. YAY!

So we went out in the waiting room and hung out with my parents for a while. They were super awesome and drove up to be there with us and her too. We finally grabbed a bite to eat since we hadn't eaten since 7am and by this time is 1:15. Sure enough, about 90 minutes later they came out and we talked to the doctor. Everything went fine and they would call us back in about 30 minutes to come see her. He also told us not to let her walk for a week. What the what? Do you know my child and how crazy she is?

We were called back to see her and I held her right away (sorry Justin, I sorta jumped right in there). She was a little crazy (which isn't new to us). She had in her IV still and her oxygen monitor so there was lots of cords to get tangled in.

 She was having a little trouble breathing so they gave her some medicine and said if it didn't really work, they would keep her overnight. I wasn't really worried and we just assume she stay! I mean we had her in the hospital for 1 month, what was 1 night :) But she started doing better and we all go to go home!


She was still so sleepy when we were going home. We sat in traffic, but that didn't bother her. She slept for 2 hours in the car!

The day went as smooth as could be, if better! And I can honestly say it because of all the prayers from our church. I was overwhelmed with emails, texts, and facebook posts from people from our church praying for us. I can't imagine how people go through life without being apart of a church. I am not talking about just going to church, but actually being a part of the body. There was a time in my life where I only attended church and did not invest in the people that make up the church and was not invested in either.  WOW, what joy and growth I was missing out on! Dear readers, I urge you to find a bible-teaching church and don't just go...BE! Be in people's lives and you will experience such grace and joy!


  1. The picture of her in the purple cast makes me want to cry! Don't get me wrong, PRAISE JESUS for the answered prayers! The mom in me just aches at seeing such a little babe go through so much. Great job, mama!


  2. It is pretty pathetic. This morning she tried to crawl and couldn't and then would just fall face down and cry. That was the worst. But now she is doing better :)

  3. Thanks for the update, we are so glad to hear that it all went well. We've been praying and will continue to do so. Love and miss you, Marcy

  4. Such a little trooper! CCHMC is great and I'm glad you had such an easy experience! Praying she has a painless recovery and that the next 6 weeks FLY by for BOTH of you!


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