Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I did it!

I finished my very first tutorial. I had one pair of BabyLegs but needed more. I didn't want to borrow friends' because Inara's cast was kind of fraying the material. I heard rumors of Newport Target having them for $4/pair. I went and bought every one they had! But when I came home...this was the result:

So then in the evening Justin and I went on a wild goose chase to find them in Florence. But of course Spring isn't really the season for leg warmers, so we searched without any luck :( I asked good trusty Facebook where else I could buy them. Then a friend suggested I try to make them. I always WANT to be crafty, but I am so scared I'll mess it up, that I never even try. But I found this tutorial. It was super helpful, but I am a visual person and wanted more pictures. And then I found this video tutorial.  So last night I decided I would do it! I had a bunch of long socks that didn't fit anyway, so if it didn't work then no big. I wouldn't be out any money.

I started by cutting off the heel and the toe. You can use scissors, but I am a freak and wanted a perfect straight line, so I used my quilting stuff to cut my socks.


One stitch + 10 minutes = homemade babylegs!

And they fit!

3 more pairs for free!


  1. oops, joe was signed in... he is probably not nearly as proud of you as I am. One time I told my mom that I was disappointed because Joe wasn't excited by my craftiness. She pointed out that we want our husbands to be manly and if they ohh and ahh over our girly crafts that is probably not very manly thing to do :o)

  2. Lol, I was wondering who Joe was, and why he was proud of my babylegs :)

  3. Yay! You did so good! I want to make some...I don't have a little girl to put them on though :(

  4. They look great!! Glad the blogs helped-- way to go Mama!

  5. @cory, I have seen them on boys. And that don't look awful either. @lauren- thanks SO much!


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