Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentime's Day

I absolutely cannot think about Valentine's Day and not think about this awesome 30 Rock episode. It is a great one!

But on a serious note today was the best Valentines's Day I have ever had. It consisted of working, going grocery shopping, and swinging by the mall. Sounds pretty exciting, huh? Well it was?! I felt the Lord's present all day today and it was a wonderful thing!

Normally working and grocery shopping aren't the funnest things, but today was so different. God gave me joy in the most mundane things, what a great gift!  He blessed me with a great job I was able to go to today. I loved on some pretty sweet/sick patients/families and was able to serve our family by making a financial contribution.  So onto Meijer I go, where I saved 47% of my bill in coupons! YAY! It felt so good. God allowed me to be a good steward of my time by clipping coupons and preparing a list, and then blessed me with lots of savings.  And that savings lets us save more to get out of debt. Since we are saving money on food, we often are able to give more when the time arrives too. Jesus' words prove right again when he says "It is more blessed to give than receive". What a great gift to feel his presence and blessings all day long :)

So after working and grocerying, I swung by the mall to buy some stuff for me! (courtesy of my hubs) NY & Co. Bargain Briana posted a sweet coupon. I HIGHLY suggest following her via facebook or RSS feeds. She ALWAYS posts really good deal. Like 5-10 a day! So any way, with this sweet coupon I bought these super awesome jeans and got $150 worth of clothes for $56! This is the first pair of jeans I have bought in probably like 2 years! And I really haven't bought any post-pregnancy clothes either so it was perfect. Because even though I am at my pre-pregnancy weight my body is DEFINITELY not the same. Its like my torso is longer and weight has definitely shifted all around. So it was so wonderful. Plus because of how much I spent I got another coupon to come back in about a month and when I spend $30 I get $15 off. YAY. Attention: Nurses, military, teachers, police, fireman get 15% off entire purchase with a valid ID. 

To end my day I rocked Inara to sleep. She is so big I can't even hold her like a baby any more. So she was kind of lying across my body diagonally. Which makes sense, since she is nearly 15 months old. It was calm and peaceful and sweet ending to our day together.

Justin had a meeting so he didn't get home until just a little bit ago. So now we will be celebrating by watching the Jeopardy episode from tonight with Watson the IBM computer contestant.  Today was a good day. Thank you Jesus for joy in the little things :)


  1. I just was telling Joe we should find that 30 Rock episode on Netflix and watch it!!! Congrats on the new jeans!

  2. If youre a AAA member you can also get another like 20% off your total purchase at Ny&Co and they even let you do it if you are buying stuff that was already marked down!


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